Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kupang Orphanage and passage to Alor

Bligh's Creek in Kupang. This is where Captain Bligh came ashore after his 1400 mile journey after being put in a longboat after the mutiny on HMS Bounty

Boys at the orphanage in Kupang

housing at the orphange

girls at the orphanage
active volcano on the way to Alor

pod of dolphins jumping on the way to Alor
 The address of the orphanage in Kupang is
c/o Alfred Oematan
Timor Raya St. Km. 14,
Rt /RW.003/001 Noelbaki Village
District  Central Kupang
District Kupang 85361
province of  East Nusa Tenggara

Any care packages would be welcomed
children aged from infant to 18 yrs
three children per mattress, so six per bunk. There were eight bunks per room for a total of forty eight kids in a room